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Russellville's most acceptable realtor you can trust.

I will help you in every way possible to locate your next residence.

Since 2020, I have assisted over 150 customers in saving over $15 million on their real estate transactions. I provide customers with a personalized experience for selling, purchasing, and renting properties, as well as assistance in obtaining a home loan, with complete transparency and flawless service.

I was born & Raised in the Beautiful River Valley Area. I have always know that i wanted to help our community out and I have found a true calling in real estate serving my clients and guiding them through one of the biggest investments of their lives. While also building professional & lasting friendships. Family is the most important thing in life and your HOME is where you spend the most of your time. Being apart of finding that perfect home for you and your family is so exciting.

Services I Provide

Appreciated for consistently outperforming client expectations and providing exceptional results.

Sell Property

Maximize your returns with our strategic selling solutions. We’ll market your property effectively, ensuring a seamless and profitable transaction.

Buy Property

Find your dream home with us! Explore a curated selection of properties tailored to your preferences. Our experts guide you through every step, making the buying process a breeze.


Explore lucrative investment opportunities and prime land options. We connect you with the right opportunities to grow your portfolio.

Home Loan

Navigate the financing process effortlessly with our home loan services. We connect you with trusted lenders, ensuring you secure the best rates and terms for your property investment.

Benefits of working with me

My objective is to not only have a good impact on ourselves and our families but also to inspire, encourage, and affect long-term change in everyone we meet.


Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to answer your questions.

Full Service Agent

I’m honored that client referrals built my growing client family exclusively. My tried-and-true techniques give my clients a competitive advantage in this market environment.

My Approach

I intend not just to make a good impact on ourselves and our families but also to inspire, encourage, and bring about permanent change in everyone we meet.

My Values

My work ethic and the success of my business are driven by this guiding principle, which motivates me to maintain long-lasting connections with clients.

I will help you find the property of your dreams.

The only name you need to know for real estate answers:

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